Chastity with urethral inserts

I am seeing more and more of these out there lately. A friend who works at a local Fetish store that they simply can not keep them in stock as they "fly off the shelves."

But I have yet to hear from anyone who I know well in the chastity/kink communities who uses one long term about how it works for them. I have also heard some stories that scare me, and now that there are so many knock offs made in China, I can't fathom buying a cheap one. I know that Steelworx makes them, and I've seen a video of the installation. Oooof! Sure doesn't look like something for beginners!

As someone who's never had anything in my urethra, I'm particularly wary about it... but I can't deny that I'm curious. It seems that people like them for a few primary reasons. First, some like it because of the added security, since it makes pull out impossible. Some like the fact that the curve of the the insert makes any type of erection that much more impossible, so the denial is even greater. And some clearly find excitement in the discomfort of it. Though painful chastity is not new to the chastity world, not by a long shot. Lastly, some like the fact that it allows for a much more minimalist cage design, which makes cleaning, and I suspect teasing, easier.

So, anyone out there using one for long term wear? I'd like to hear from you.


thumper said...


The insert doesn't make pull-out impossible. Harder, maybe. More of a concerted effort than a simple tube. But not impossible.

atone said...

You have a friend that works at a local Fetish store! That is so cool, I wish I had a friend like that. For that matter I wish I had a local Fetish store.

I agree and would also advise not going cheap with something that goes in your urethra. Steelwerks and Steelworxx are two of the reputable companies I would buy from. I have a urethral fixing from Steelworxx for one of my steelhearts. The fit isn't good enough for me to try anything long term though. Like you I am curious what issues may come up with long term wear.

I love the picture you linked to for "painful chastity" I would love to have one of those even though I know I couldn't wear it that long. I can imagine (having worn a KTB) what a nocturnal erection might be like in that, probably not something I could learn to sleep through.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Aarkey:

Thanks for another hot and educational post! I have played with sounds in the past so I have had something inserted in my urethra. Scary but not as uncomfortable as one might think. The device is sleek and pretty to look at but I don't think I would choose to have something inserted up there long term. It might, however, be fun and extremely hot to use short term and/or in the context of a scene.

Aarkey said...

Thumper, thanks for the heads up and link. It does make it impossible to get back into it without being caught though - right?

And now that I just took a look at it, if the insert extends past the base ring it must be really tough to get out of it...


Atone: After my first marriage ended I thought of 3 places I wanted to live. All 3 have very active kink communities, South Florida, NYC and San Fran. I guess kink was just important enough for me that I wanted to make sure there were fetish stores around ;)

I'm curious what the issues with the fit that you're having which makes it not work for long term for you. Is it something that you think could be resolved?


HMP: Glad you enjoyed it, and from what I'm told with sounds, it mostly depends on how its done. I've never done it, but all these new chastity devices has made me a little curious about the experience.

Who knows where the journey goes... right?

thumper said...

You know how it is. The darn things are squishy. I found I could back out even though the insert extends past the A-ring. Also, once the meat was flaccid enough, I could get the insert back in and the device back on with a minimum of difficulty. Like I said, the insert makes escape more of a procedure and might be enough to dissuade some men from going through with it, but escape-proof it ain't.

Aarkey said...

Thanks for the follow up reply Thumper. I'm disappointed to learn that, but not really surprised either.

imposed sensation said...

Perhaps it would be more secure to have the sound extend further beyond the A ring? At some point the tube turns down in the body--so not sure how far you can really go without hurting yourself or having to have a bend in the sound. Which is an interesting thought, if it was long enough with a considerable bend, it seems escape would in face be impossible due to the scrotum preventing that much manipulation... Thoughts?

Aarkey said...

imposed sensation - I don't know any of the answers to that, but I assume that as men sometimes have to live with catheters that anything is possible... though it sure sounds pretty extreme already without going too deep.

imposed sensation said...

I agree, seems extreme although many people say it's not very uncomfortable.

DemiGoth said...

I'm having one of those Chinese knock-off CBs with a removable plug. From time to time I attach it (can be done without removing the CB itself), and enjoy the feeling, while at times it's rather painful to have the plug inserted :( I've had a small would inside my prostate once and it kinda bled through the plug.
My guess is that these cheep knock-offs are not meant for permanent or long-term plug-wear (the CB itself is very good though), and if I have the money I'll get one from Steelworxx (no money, but one can dream...)

Aarkey said...

imposed - yeah, I'm surprised and glad to read that for some men its not uncomfortable, though a regular reminder (not that a device isn't that already)

demigoth - thanks for the comment, and a dollar a day in a jar adds up ;)

atone said...

"I'm curious what the issues with the fit that you're having which makes it not work for long term for you. Is it something that you think could be resolved?"
The fit issue doesn't have anything directly to do with the urethral insert but rather that I had no experience with such things and as you have pointed out information is a bit scarce. I had convinced myself that because the urethral fixing occupied space in the tube and I was already at the end of the tube that I was using that I therefore needed a bigger tube. I went from a 32mm diameter to 35mm diameter and added 10mm to the length. Turns out that I should have used the same length tube or maybe even just a little bit shorter. The increased diameter was probably a good thing with the fixing but if I got a fixed or screw in plug I would stay with the 32mm tube. If you want to discuss it further just drop me a note over at, I think that would be more conducive to discussion.