Happy Holidays to you all

Whatever you celebrate, and however you celebrate it, I hope your holiday season is filled with joy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I haven't been blogging much at all of late, but I wanted to just put up a little something and wish you all a happy and joyful Thanksgiving. Some years its harder to find things to be grateful, but I have found that if I really reflect on it - there's always something.

There is much I'm grateful for, and those of you who are friends and in my life are an easy way to start that list.

If not, perhaps just a reminder that fall is boot season can help :)

Daily Distraction #62

Just a little funny to hold ya'll over til I write something babble worthy ;)

Just a simple reminder that some days are better than others.

Tooooooo funny.

I just HAD to post this! Thanks to author Laura Antoniou for passing it along :)

Cover Poses by Jim C. Hines

Gotta love this guy's cojones!

Daily Distraction #61 - Monica Bellucci

I had to pass these pictures along of actress Monica Bellucci. She is just stunning in her tight leather pants, outrageous heels and enjoying a cigarette. What more can I say, except thanks to the Monica and photographer Ralph Wenig for these shots! :D

More please :)

Oh, I donno, she doesn't seem all that bad to me.

Definitely crude, and she doesn't know how to inhale, but still... not all that bad ;) I do like that she doesn't wait for his response before lighting up. And as to the ending, I'm sure they have a salve for that.

Want something a bit more traditional? Ok, fine... here ya go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XATiV3gmy-Q